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The Doutt Family Web Ring Homepage

I don't want to be a real stickler, but there are a few guidelines to keep this a high quality ring.

1. You must be from a Doutt family or one of it's affiliated families. Just having a Doutt up your family tree somewhere, no matter how remote, qualifies you for membership in the ring. You do not have to have Genealogy content on your pages to join.

2. There will be no nudity, pornography, racial slurs, hate sites or anything else that I find offensive allowed in the ring. This is a family ring and will remain that way.

3. The Graphic must be uploaded to your own server.

4. Please use the HTML fragment you will receive and place it on the page you have indicated. I will be checking this out before you are placed in the ring. 5. Email me, HERE When the HTML Fragment is in place.


This is the HTML Fragment, You will need to add your ring ID which can be found HERE and adding your email addy and Site Name or your name

It will look like this

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